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 The Empire of the Holy Blade

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PostSubject: The Empire of the Holy Blade   Tue Jul 29, 2008 4:08 pm

These are all major cities and some facts about them, listed in order of size.

1. The Holy City of Procella
-Its the capital and the emperor lives here.
-All of the guilds are housed here.
-Its population has over 10 million people.

2. The Blessed City of Militaris
-The main military hub of the empire.
-Its civilian population is a little over 9 million.
-The soldiers housed there are over 15 million.

3. The Cursed City of Excessum
-The city of the dead. All royalty, great generals and heroes are buried here.
-It the most wealthy city in the empire and has much trade.
-The population is 8.5 Million

4. The Condemned City of Flamma
-Produces the most goods.
-Is home to the largest mines.
-Is on the border of the Brotherhood of Vemon
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The Empire of the Holy Blade
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