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 Gundam Universal

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PostSubject: Gundam Universal   Sun Aug 03, 2008 5:27 pm

this is agundam site that just finished this very second it's brand spanking new and has no other members so i really need members i don't want this site to die , at least not without it even starting so here is the link and plot below

After 20 years when the last show of gundam was finished all gundams and mobile suits began to fade and were rulled to be to distructive for human hands. And became illegal and destroyed. But recently a human who had gained a vision of the future where earth was destroyed by a race of robotic organiods and knew that the only thing that would be able to stand a chance against these things were gundams and mobile suits. So he generated a time portal that sent him back in time to when all gundms and mobile suits were placed in one area of the world and tried to stop them from nuking that area and destroying all gundam and mobile suits. but when he arrived there the time portal mallfuntionc and wound up turning into a worm hole that sent a bunch of humans and all the mobile suits and gundams to a new planet located in another galaxy that was exactly like earth in everyway, even the animals were similar. so they all agreed and named the planet "New Earth" After 50 years had gone by the humans used the technology to create new gundams and mobile suits. Now the alien race,called the the Cyborians, that was in the mans vision have begon their assult on new earth after seeing what happened to earth and finally finding where the wormhole had sent them. Some humans have been swayed by the aliens and joined them giving them acces to mobile suits and gundam, which they then took form after.

Now Who will you Join? New Earth? Or the Cyborians?
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Gundam Universal
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