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 Selena Ailae

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PostSubject: Selena Ailae   Wed Jul 30, 2008 2:47 pm

Name:Selena Ailae






Place of Birth:Assassins Guild

Where They Live:Procella Outskirts




Personality:Very kind and giving. She is sorta childish

Likes:She likes to sleep, be lazy, have fun, and trick and hide from guards

Dislikes:Fighting, Arguments, and Hurting people.


Alignment: Neutral


History:She was born in the assassins guild and trained as an assassin but when she was sent on her first mission she was exiled because she was too kind to kill the target. She ran to Procella and was taken in by a wealthy merchant. She continued her training even though it was already complete. She stole from a local merchant who was rivals with the merchant who took her in, and she used the money to buy two long curved daggers made for fighting dual-weild from a black market dealer. The merchant who she stole from decided it was the merchant who took her in who stole from him and he hired local thugs to kill him. They murdered him, looted his house, and then burned it. Selena escaped and hid in the outskirts and now lives off of stealing from merchants.


Strength: 5/10

Speed: 9/10

Reflexes: 10/10

Intelligence: 7/10

Stamina:7 /10


Picture Or Description:She wears a tight-fitting shirt and pair of pants, the pants have several pockets in random places for storing money or other things she stole. She wears a jacket that she can hide her knives in and still be able to run away if she has too without getting slowed down by baggy pants or a loose shirt., (Not the clothes in Pic.)

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Selena Ailae
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