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 Assassin's Guild

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Messor Dia Angel

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PostSubject: Assassin's Guild   Wed Jul 30, 2008 1:57 pm

Name: Assassin's Guild

Origin: Created by the government as assassins but are now just blades for hire.

Alliance: None

Purpose: To make as much money as possible by killing people.

What do they Do: They are mercs for hire that'll do anything for money.

History: Created to kill Illusionists and other difficult people. After the Illusionists told them about how corrupt the government is, they decided to go rogue. They moved to an abandoned mansion on a cliff on the outskirts of Procella. They are rivals of the Hunters and often fight with them. And at the same time rivals of the Stalkers. And the 3 of them fight for superiority. They follow the teachings of stealth, hiding, and lethal attacks.

Members: Selena

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Assassin's Guild
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