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 Messor's Weaonry and Equipment

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Messor Dia Angel

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PostSubject: Messor's Weaonry and Equipment   Tue Jul 29, 2008 9:41 pm

Name of Equipment: Dia Armor

Type of Equipment: Body Armor

Creator: Messor

Purpose: To protect himself.

How Does It Work: Its a thin leather and light metal body armor. It has two compartments on the back, on containing a flash charge that blinds nearby foes, and second a smoke charge. The arms are cranked and when set off my a certain movement they snap together ejecting to blades proving lethal. The legs have a similar crank that sends him flying up to improve his jumping ability.

History: A powerful suit created as a form of protection and enhancement.

Image: Its a chest suit made of leather and metal cranks. The blades are a silver that reflect light.

Name of Equipment: Flash/Smoke Charge

Type of Equipment: An explosive charge that either sends out smoke or a blinding flash.

Creator: Messor

Purpose: To impair the vision of opponents

How Does It Work: Its gunpowder and other chemicals.

History: Created to escape from difficult situations.

Image: A small thin metal charge that explodes on impact.

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Messor's Weaonry and Equipment
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